What about eShel Spectra ?

eShel spectra can be added in STAROS Projects Database, with some recommandations.

Header keys

The spectrum must contain the fields expected by the database (see page How this database works ?). It is therefore likely that if you have processed your FITS with ISIS, it will not contain the fields GEO_LONG, GEO_LAT and GEO_ELEV. The STAROS database uses this values, in decimal degrees and meters.

Resolution and order

Furthermore, when it is an eShel spectrum, the ISIS software indicates a resolution value which is reported in one of the boxes on the eShel page. However, this value corresponds to a value that the user fills in but is not the value calculated by ISIS, which is normal because in the case of eShel spectra, each order has its own resolution.

Halpha Line

It is therefore necessary for the user to modify the SPE_RPOW and BSS_ITRP fields and to indicate the correct resolution value, the information for which can be found in the .log file generated by ISIS for order 34 for the eshel and 52 for the whoppshel.